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Here at Raworth Tennis Centre we run the Tennis Australia endorsed MLC Hot Shots  Program of modified tennis for our junior players.  The following is taken from the Tennis Australia website:

“For decades, soccer, basketball, netball, Australian Rules, cricket and many other sports introduced children to their sports through the use of smaller equipment and a reduced playing area.

Meanwhile, children learning to play tennis were doing so with the same size racquet an adult would use, while being expected to cover a full-size court the way professionals do.

So in 2008 Tennis Australia introduced MLC Tennis Hot Shots – the fun and easy way to learn how to serve, rally and score. And we’re not the only ones. In the past few years more than 120 nations have adopted modified tennis programs, including all four Grand Slam countries.

Players start with Red stage and progress through orange, to green until they reach full ball, full court yellow tennis!  Red, orange and green low-compression balls don’t bounce as high as a yellow ball. The courts are smaller too, which makes them easier for kids to play on. It also helps them develop realistic footwork patterns and encourages them to use all parts of the court. And the great thing is you don’t need a tennis court – you can play on any flat hard surface. Portable nets, which are used during the Red Stage on the red courts, come in sizes of 3 and 6 metres. During the Orange and Green stages, the standard net is used, but it can be lowered depending on the players’ ability.

Picking the right tennis racquet is crucial – if it’s too heavy or the wrong size the child will have trouble swinging the racquet and it could lead to injury. Your child should be able to hold the racquet comfortably when their arm is extended and be able to swing the racquet easily.

Also, make sure the grip is the right size for your child. Your child should be able to hold the racquet comfortably – if the grip is too big or too small, children will grip the racquet tighter. This can lead to injury and inhibit children from developing a fluent technique.

If in doubt, choose a smaller racquet until you are sure that your child is ready for a larger size racquet, the main thing is that the child feels comfortable using the racquet.”

If you would like any more information on the Hot shots program please don’t hesitate to call Linda on 02 49333750.

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