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Age doesn’t matter. We have the racquet you need to start playing! Plus an incredible amount of special deals and offers on new equipment.

Junior Range

Roger Federer & Victoria Azarenka  junior racquets 

19” Age 2 – 4yo

21” Age 4 – 6yo

23” Age 6 – 8yo

25’ Áge 8 – 10yo

Adult Range 

Wilson Hope Lite 105– The Hope Lite is an Australian Breast Cancer Research Foundation racquet that Wilson is donating to. This racquet offers great control and maximises power. 290g strung.

Wilson Enforcer Control 103– The Enforcer Control has a mid sized head and offers excellent ball control at a great price! The enforcer is very popular with our junior player transitioning from a junior to adult racket. 288g strung.

Wilson Envy 100L– The Envy is a value packed performer with ample feel and power making it a perfect racquet for the aspiring adult or transitioning junior. 267g unstrung.

Wilson Burn 100 Team– The Burn 100 Team is a value- packed performer. It has great maneuverability combined with BLX technology for enhanced feel and double holes for an improved sweet spot. 267g unstrung.

Wilson Burn 100LS– The Burn 100LS is designed for baseliners wanting power and spin! Parallel drilling into the side of the frame gives a bigger, more forgiving sweetspot. The carbon fibre frame provides increased stiffness for more explosive power. The X2 longer handle gives increased leverage for the double handed backhand. The Burn 100LS is the weapon of choice for Kei Nishikori. 283g unstrung.

Wilson Juice 100L– The Juice is a lightweight racquet that packs a punch! It has an enlarged sweetspot which maximises handle sensation, feel and power. 279g unstrung.

Wilson Pro Staff 95– Our 100 year anniversary limited edition Pro Staff is one of Roger Federers racquets of choicel, which featured a larger sweetspot, maximum control and classic stability. This racquet is designed for competitive players, and is definitely an interesting racquet to hit with! 313g unstrung.


Product Options
1All Jr RaquetsAU$35.00
2Wilson Hope Lite 105AU$65.00
3Wilson Enforcer Control 103AU$95.00
4Wilson Envy 100LAU$95.00
5Wilson Burn 100 TeamAU$145.00
6Wilson Burn 100LSAU$270.00
7Wilson Juice 100LAU$270.00
8Wilson Pro Staff 95AU$270.00
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